From one on our NCHSE honorary life members,
Beverly Campbell March 6, 2024

You may remember this book as it appeared on the HOSA Medical Reading Competitive Event for Middle School. Her husband’s clinical trial led to the approval of Keytruda!

My husband, Jesse Campbell and I were invited to participate in a podcast as part of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center series BEAT CANCER. For this episode, the participating professionals wanted to hear from a patient. Jesse began his journey more than 10 years ago, when first diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer-early predictions giving him 6 months to live. Following surgery to remove his right kidney, 3 years of chemotherapy for which he was then told he was chemo resistant and no other reasonable treatment available at the time, he was entered into a clinical trial. He survived and hence, was selected as the patient to participate in the podcast. If you would like to listen to the 22-minute podcast it is available at:

Episode: The Cancer Center Clinical Trials Experience-A Discussion with Dr. Mamta Parikh
Available at:
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Radio Public

We also wrote a book chronicling his experiences:
You’re Gonna Die: My Journey to Survive

Can be purchased at the El Dorado Hills bookstore Face in a Book. Or ordered at:

Finally, wondering if the trial participation was of value, in this case it was. The final outcome was the release of a pharmaceutical you may have seen advertised, Keytruda.