Annual Membership Investment $2,000.00

Health Science State Leaders

Join a community of state education agency leaders making an impact in their states and leaving their marks on health science education. Network with your peers and work together to create consistency nationwide.

Membership Benefits Include

  • Discounts to school districts and teachers in your state on NCHSE resources and certificates
  • Networking opportunities with health science leaders from across the nation
  • Influencer on National Health Science Standards revisions
  • Specialized NCHSE certificate program data for your state
  • Access to Publishers/Educational Resources Group and position of influence to shape classroom resources
  • Involvement in beta-test opportunities with NCHSE projects
  • Links to health professions organizations and agencies, government and educational agencies, resources for classroom teachers
  • Professional development opportunities provided by NCHSE in your state
  • Webinars and newsletters highlighting current trends and the work of NCHSE
  • Invitations to provide webinars and/or contribute blogs and articles

Is your state represented?

Gain Access to Exclusive Benefits

As a member of the consortium, your benefits include:

  • RService on the Health Science Cluster Advisory Committee for the States’ Career Clusters Project
  • RInfluence the National Health Science Standards & Objectives
  • RNetworks that afford valuable linkages with mutual stakeholders
  • ROnline assessment and certificate program and detailed data analysis
  • RVariety of products and resources with membership discounts
  • RGrant, project, and product line updates and services
  • RInput from industry leaders

Additional Benefits

  • RProfessional development opportunities
  • RInvolvement in field-test opportunities with grants and projects
  • RAccess to NCHSE representation and speaking engagements at your events
  • RIndustry partnerships and workplace learning guidelines
  • RResearch on critical healthcare workforce preparation issues
  • RInformed interpretations of healthcare and education reform trends and issues
  • RHealthcare workforce needs and research findings

Engage Your Entire Organization with Group Membership

NCHSE offers discounted group memberships so you can empower your entire organization to lead and make an impact in the health science industry.

Contact us for group pricing options.