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Health Science Educators

When teachers join the Health Science Educators Association (HSEA) they get access to the top resources in the health science field.

These educators also enjoy a community of classroom teachers who are shaping the next generation of health science professionals.

Health Science State Leaders

Join a community of state education agency leaders making an impact in their states through health science education.

When you join, you are able to network with your peers and work together to create consistency nationwide.

Health Science Partners

Publishers, professional associations, businesses and goverment agenicies all play a roll in helping to educate the next generation. 

You can partner with us and help us build future health science professionals.

New Resources

We provide quality resources nearly every week to help you develop and maintain a quality health science program. Check back often for more great content!

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Employability Strategies

The key for your students to succeed in their future careers is employability. What does that mean? How do you teach this? What skills are students missing today to be ready for the next phase of their life? Learn how to turn your classroom into a workplace...

Work-based Learning Immersion Experiences in Healthcare

Work-based learning experiences are a valuable component of Health Science programs of study but can be difficult to implement. In addition to barriers like transportation and confidentiality, the global pandemic became a huge obstacle to these student experiences....

Medical Terminology Activities 2.0

Chime in to learn about some fun-filled, fantastic classroom activities to help your students remember of medical terms. Join us for activities that get your students up and moving for individual and group work. As co-authors of G-W's Introduction to Medical...

What We Offer

Joining the National Consortium for Health Science Education will give you the resources and training you need to be confident in the classroom. And you’ll be a part of a growing community of health science leaders, teachers and business professionals. 

Free Resources

We offer webinars, newsletters and sample curriculum to help you in the classroom.



Join our growing community of over 2000 teachers and educators across the United States.


Work Based Learning

Give your students the opportunity to learn about health science in a hands-on environment. This will help them have a better understand of the field of study the might want to pursue.



Our curriculum enhancements will give you the confidence to teach your students with clarity and excellence.



Learn from some of the top professionals in health science. 


Curriculum Enhancements

These resource enhancements are designed to be used in conjunction with state curriculum resources, plans, and outlines.