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We educate the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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Let’s build the future of health science together.

We have the tools you need to develop and maintain a successful health science program in your school.

What We Offer

The National Consortium for Health Science Education provides a national forum for health science state leaders to respond to today’s most pressing and ever-changing healthcare issues and workforce needs. In collaboration with our members, NCHSE creates strategic priorities and action plans among a growing community of health science leaders, teachers, and partners with a vested interest in educating the next generation of health professionals.

Visionary Leadership

Broad knowledge and point of influence as the national authority for health science education


National Health Science Standards

Industry validated standards: a common, consistent framework for designing curricula, developing instructional resources, and assessing student achievement and progress


Professional Development

Focusing on best practices, networking, and speaking with one voice to support career success for the future healthcare workforce


Professional Learning Community

Health science state leaders, partners, and educators meet regularly, share expertise, build relationships, and work collaboratively to enhance health science education


Certificate Program

A way to measure and document student mastery of the knowledge of the National Health Science Standards and inform classroom instruction


Member Discounts on NCHSE Resources

  • Health Science Curriculum Enhancements, a comprehensive resource to support delivery of the National Health Science Standards
  • Work-based Learning Guide includes strategies to development real life work experiences and community partnerships

Three Ways You Can Get Involved

Health Science Educators

When teachers join the Health Science Educators Association (HSEA) they get access to the top resources in the health science field.

These educators also enjoy a community of classroom teachers who are shaping the next generation of health science professionals.

Health Science State Leaders

Join a community of state education agency leaders making an impact in their states through health science education.

When you join, you are able to network with your peers and work together to create consistency nationwide.

Health Science Partners

Publishers, professional associations, businesses and government agencies all play a roll in helping to educate the next generation. 

You can partner with us and help us build future health science professionals.

New Resources

We provide quality resources nearly every week to help you develop and maintain a quality health science program. Check back often for more great content!

Positive Coaching in the Classroom

"Positive Coaching in the Classroom" takes the coaching approach from our athletic fields/courts and utilizes it in the classroom. We strive to inspire educators to increase their ability to reach all their students through research-based strategies. The goal of these...

Charting the Course

“Waves” continue to surge in all areas of healthcare. Current healthcare trends have created an increasing demand for passionate STEM professionals. We recognize this need and have created a FREE 6th-12th grade online science/health science resource, uBeats. Our...

Classroom Behavior Management

Teachers go through rigorous training to teach their subject. They may spend countless dollars and hours preparing themselves for their daily presentations. They walk out confident that their training and preparation has adequately prepared them for what is to come....

Moving Toward Whole-Person Health

Whole-person health is the recognition that our mental and physical health are interconnected and that an illness rarely affects a single body part or system. When you consider that nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a mental illness, and 6 in 10 adults in the U.S....

Tips for Teaching Sensitive Topics in Health Science: Child Abuse and Elder Abuse

Students in healthcare and educational fields share an important commonality: all these future workers will become mandated reporters. Unfortunately, researchers have generally found that most mandated reporters have inadequate training on identifying and reporting...

Free Resources

Download these free Health Science Pathway Posters to use in your classroom!