A four-course curriculum example that demonstrates how to teach the health science program in your school.

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Foundations of Healthcare Professions

Course 1

Essential Healthcare Practices

Course 2

Human Structure, Function, and Disease (A)

Course 3

Human Structure, Function, and Disease (B)

Course 4

NCHSE’s commitment…

to meet the needs of all health science programs led to the recent development of a four course curriculum example that is aligned to the National Health Science Standards. The purpose of providing this framework is to demonstrate how to efficiently and effectively teach a health science program in its entirety while also providing a clear path enabling the student flexibility in choosing a health science program of two versus four semesters. The health science curriculum framework is based on the National Health Science Standards. 

The First Two Courses

Foundations of Healthcare Professions and Essential Healthcare Practices are introductory health science courses with work based learning projects consisting of basic skills conducting vision screenings, vital signs and blood pressures in various facilities such as schools and nursing homes.

The Next Two Courses

Courses Human Structure, Function, and Disease (A) and Human Structure, Function, and Disease (B) dive in depth into anatomy and physiology while applying coursework into real world work-based opportunities, such as internships and apprenticeships in health clinics, hospitals. nursing homes, etc. It is during these courses that health science programs focus on a specific healthcare pathway(s) such as nurse aide, mental health worker, sports medicine, pharmacy technician, etc.

Our Framework

This four-course curriculum framework serves as an example of various possibilities for secondary health science programs to help in the design of health science programs and facilitate postsecondary credit opportunities in health science courses such as Introduction to Healthcare and Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology. These courses may be delivered in order, in a different order or independently. Each course has a corresponding certificate assessment.

Curriculum Standard Crosswalk

The crosswalk template is a working resource for educators to document the National Health Science Standards being met in their courses. This document Is made available to teachers as way of ensuring all of the National Health Science Standards have been taught in your health science courses throughout your program.