February 1, 2024

NEW YORK–()–Transfr Inc., the leading provider of virtual reality (VR) training simulations for career pathways to upward mobility, is pleased to announce the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) has officially endorsed Transfr’s VR Health Sciences training simulations. Transfr’s VR training modules are developed in collaboration with Transfr’s team of Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators, as well as dozens of subject matter experts and external stakeholders, to ensure relevance to healthcare market needs and best practices.

“Transfr’s Health Sciences VR simulations offer a low-risk and fully immersive one-on-one training environment. We believe this technology will promote students’ interest in health professions, increase their performance on national certifications and provide them with the skills needed to secure a job in the healthcare industry,” said Nancy H. Allen, NCHSE Executive Director.

Transfr partners with clinical experts, educators, employers, and workforce development departments to recruit and train a pipeline of professionals for jobs that are going unfilled, innovatively training the next generation of workers for well-paying jobs across a variety of healthcare disciplines, including nursing and allied health roles such as medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and emergency medical technician. Since launching the Virtual Healthcare Clinic in 2023, Transfr has facilitated nearly 5,000 training simulations and has helped close to 29,000 individuals explore healthcare occupations and career pathways.

“At Transfr, we are passionate about building classroom-to-career pathways in high-growth industries that provide a pathway to a family-sustaining wage,” said Bharani Rajakumar, Founder and CEO of Transfr. “Receiving an endorsement from the NCHSE further validates our commitment to developing curriculums that align with local, state and national educational standards and workforce requirements, bridging the gap between healthcare education and the growing demand for qualified workers.”

With more than 20 training simulations ranging from infection control to data collection to risk management and prevention, Transfr’s health sciences simulations offer an immersive and standardized solution for learning and practicing the essential skills required for anyone interested in a career in healthcare.

For health science educators interested in utilizing Transfr’s VR simulations to prepare students for the NCHSE certifications and future careers, please visit transfrinc.com/products/virtual-healthcare-clinic.

About Transfr

Transfr is an emerging leader in virtual reality (VR) based vocational career exploration and pre-apprentice training. Transfr provides hands-on and immersive-simulation training for high growth in-demand careers that give real-world experience in the skills needed for job success, development, and retention. Using a headset, trainees are guided through simulations by a digital coach to engage in career exploration, job training, and practice and assessment use cases. Transfr’s innovative platform promotes ever-improving quality and lower development costs of VR simulations. For more information, please visit https://transfrinc.com/.

About the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE)

The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) is dedicated to stimulating creative and innovative leadership for ensuring a well-prepared health workforce. Through partnerships and collaborations, the NCHSE provides resources and support to educators in the health science field, promoting student interest in health professions and improving their performance on national certifications.

For more information about NCHSE, please visit https://healthscienceconsortium.org.



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