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August 30, 2022⎯The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE), the premier organization for promoting excellence and consistency in health science teaching and learning for students interested in health professions, issued the following statement today regarding the release of the newly revised National Health Science Standards (NHSS). These standards provide a clear and consistent understanding of industry and postsecondary expectations for teachers and students. The NHSS are essential components of the framework as confirmed by the recent national review.

The statement can be attributed to Lara Morris, NCHSE Board Chair.

“The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) is pleased to unveil the latest refresh of the National Health Science Standards (NHSS). For the first time in over thirty years, a major national review of the standards was conducted in spring of 2022 with survey participants from 21 states and representing 38 health science disciplines. An outstanding 98.6% endorsement of the standards was the response received from health science practitioners, business and industry representatives, and secondary and postsecondary health science educators. As a result, the 2022 National Health Science Standards changed little in content with edits concentrating on current health science language and grammatical and capitalization corrections.

The newest edition of the National Health Science Standards (NHSS) released today are a significant step forward in continuing an exemplary framework that states can use as the foundational principles in the design of health science education curriculum. The eleven standards are designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills common across all health professions to prepare and increase the number of students that are college and career ready: 1) Academic Foundation, 2) Communication, 3) Systems, 4) Employability Skills, 5) Legal Responsibilities, 6) Ethics, 7) Safety Practices, 8) Teamwork, 9) Health Maintenance Practices, 10) Technical Skills, and 11) Information Technology in Healthcare.

As the health science cluster leader, NCHSE will continue to collaborate with middle school, secondary and postsecondary educators, the healthcare industry, publishers and resource providers and association partners across the nation to provide professional development and ensure curricular materials are available for the successful implementation of the National Health Science Standards (NHSS).

The National Consortium for Health Science Education encourages all stakeholders to implement the new standards, adapt curriculum to align with the standards, and provide the broad support that schools and teachers will need in the upcoming academic year.”

Attachment: National Health Science Standards (August 2022)
Launch Date: August 2022