TeenLife is the leading national online platform that connects parents, students (13-19), & counselors/consultants to academic & experiential learning opportunities for teens. Search summer programs, gap year programs, after school enrichment courses, volunteer opportunities, private schools, colleges & universities, & service providers. Additional filters help health science students find programs such as:

• Summer online physical & biological science studies at an Ivy League school
• An opportunity for hands-on lab work with stem cells
• Programs that help a student learn how to turn their passion for science into a viable career
• Sign up for medicine summer courses in Hawaii!

The best part: there’s no cost for you and your students to use TeenLife.com. Join our webinar to simply learn the best filtering tips and where to find our career exploration guides in healthcare, arts, business, and STEM.

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The Your Future in Healthcare Guide is now available.

Presenters: Marie Schwartz, CEO & Founder
Brenda Boos, Senior Account Manager

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 PM (ET)