As you use DHO Health Science and Body Structures & Functions, Prepare Future Health Professionals for Career Success

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DHO Health Science and Body Structures & Functions: Anatomy & Physiology were developed to align to both the National Health Science Standards as well as stackable, course-level and end of program industry-recognized credentials offered by the National Consortium of Health Science Educators with nationally recognized certificates and curriculum.

The purpose of the health science certificates is to measure and document student knowledge and to inform classroom instruction. By offering more health science certificate choices, health science programs can choose appropriate certificates that meet the needs and intricacies of their individual programs for more beneficial assessment information and performance.

Curriculum Framework
The health science curriculum framework is based on the National Health Science Standards. The four- course health science curriculum framework (as shown on the following page), developed by the National Consortium for Health Science Education, demonstrates how to efficiently and effectively teach a health science program in its entirety while also providing a clear path enabling the student flexibility in choosing a health science program of two versus four semesters.

The National Health Science Standards and the NHSC are supported by the Tri-Council of Nursing (American Association of College of Nursing; American Nurses Association; American Organization of Nurse Executives; National League of Nursing) and endorsed by Health Professions Network (HPN) in successfully preparing health science students for transition into postsecondary health science programs.

These stackable certificates available at the course-level, in addition to the well-known end of program National Health Science Assessment, now titled the National Health Science Certificate. Upon successful passing of one of these exams, a student is awarded a certificate of proficiency on the associated National Health Science Standards (NHSS). Completion of proficiency on all four (end of course) stackable certificates culminates in the award of proficiency on the National Health Science Certificate (NHSC). The National Health Science Certificate (NHSC) is a validated, knowledge-based test designed to evaluate the extent of the candidate’s knowledge of all eleven National Health Science Standards.

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