The 2023 National Consortium for Health Science Education Annual Meeting was a successful sharing and networking opportunity for those able to attend in-person or virtually in Fort Worth, Texas, January 25-26. Accomplishments of the organization were highlighted in the 2023 NCHSE Annual Report.

There was a return to basics as the opening presentation was What Exactly Can NCHSE Do for You? Cindy LeCoq, NCHSE Certificate Program Manager provided details of major work for the year. A comprehensive review and refresh of the National Health Science Standards was completed and included meaningful input from 38 different career specialties. A big project with an aggressive timeline that revealed an impressive 98% endorsement of these standards! As announced at last year’s annual meeting, there was an emphasis on the NCHSE Certificate Program and healthcare partnerships.

We are excited to announce the succession of leadership and the 2023 NCHSE Executive Council.

  • Shelly Wehmeyer, Chair (Missouri Dept of Elementary & Secondary Education)
  • Lara Morris, Past Chair (Oklahoma Dept of CareerTech Education)
  • Angel Clark, Chair-Elect (South Carolina Dept of Education)
  • Denise DuBois, Secretary (Realityworks)
  • Nicholas Wells, Treasurer (DEPCO Enterprises)
  • Peg Enslen, Health Science State Leaders Representative (Delaware Dept of Education)
  • TBD, Publishers/Educational Resources Representative
  • Kathy Cilia, Professional Associations Representative (American Medical Technologists)
  • Karen Edwards, Health Science Educators Association (HSEA) President (SC)


During the 2022-2023 membership year, we happily welcome our newest NCHSE members.

  1. Arkansas Department of Education
  2. Baltimore County Public Schools
  3. Body Interact
  4. Eastern Virginia Medical School
  5. McGraw-Hill Education
  6. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

NCHSE welcomed two CDC representatives, Kelly Bloodworth and Juliana Azeredo, to share information about today’s public health issues affecting youth and epidemiology for middle and high school students. Toni McLemore, HSEA Immediate Past President spoke to the membership about how she effectively integrates NCHSE into to her high school health science education program in Oklahoma. It was encouraging to hear from our category representatives who outlined the benefits of NCHSE membership to include learning more about health science, networking with other members, and identifying ways to mutually promote each other.

Throughout the meeting, there was a post-it notes activity to gather ideas and names of possible partners. This content includes suggestions to provide the membership with learning, networking, and promoting opportunities. This content will be summarized, prioritized, and used to shape the strategic planning session in August 2023 at the NCHSE Executive Council Meeting. Nancy Allen informed every one of the Lauren McLemore’s passing, one of our honorary life members. A donation was made to the HOSA Lauren McLemore Memorial Scholarship.

NCHSE is incredibly fortunate to have a board that is willing to come alongside us to further our role as the national authority for health science education. Mark your calendars for NCHSE Member Update Call, Thursday, May 4, 2:00 PM (ET) and the 2023 National Health Science Conference, Seattle (WA) Westin, October 16-19. Details will be available on our website in late February. Enjoy a few photos from the meeting.