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For information on the National Health Science Assessment, please see their Help Center or browse the FAQs below.

What is the NCHSE Health Science Assessment?

The National Health Science Assessment Certificate is a knowledge-based test designed to evaluate the extent of the candidate’s knowledge of all the National Health Science Standards and Objectives.

What are the four stackable certificate exams?

The four stackable certificates are Foundations of Healthcare Professions, Essentials of Healthcare Practices, Human Structure, Function and Disease A and Human Structure, Function and Disease B.  Each certificate exam only covers a specific portion of the National Health Science Standards and Objectives and when combined equal the content covered by the National Health Science Assessment Certificate.

Are there other NCHSE health science certificates?

NCHSE along with Precision Exams (PE) by YouScience offers over fifteen content/occupation specific (end of course) health science certificate exams.

What is the cost of the assessment per student?

The cost for students from NCHSE member states is $12 per National Health Science Certificate assessment and $15.00 for students from non-members states. This price is subject to change. (2/28/14)

The cost for the four stackable certificates and the specialty exams is $4.00 per exam. (10/2020)

How do I get started?

Is there a sample practice exam available?

Yes! You can find a PDF version of the practice exam and associated key here on the assessment webpage here. You can also access a fully functional online version of the sample exam once you are registered and authenticated as a proctor in the Precision Exam system.

Is there a pre- and post- exam available?

Yes. Precision Exams provides a standard report that measures student growth between the Pre and Post NHSA exams.

Who can proctor the exam?

The National Health Science Assessment may NOT be proctored by a health science teacher/instructor or any individual that has a direct vested interest in the candidates/students’ scores on the assessment.

Who “authenticates” or “validates” my proctor registration?

For security reasons, every proctor is authenticated by their state or district’s office of education.

If Precision Exams has not previously authenticated your employment status you can still register, but you will not receive your username and password until your district or state has authenticated your status. This can take multiple days depending on the availability of your district or state staff.

Is the test timed?

The exam is not constructed as a timed exam. For administration reason, the exam is set to time out after 90 minutes. Over 98 percent of candidates finish within the allotted time. Time accommodations are made for students with documented IEPs.

How much time does NCHSE/Precision Exams recommend for scheduling and assessment registration prior to the actual exam date?

Precision Exams and NCHSE recommend getting students registered at least 24-48 hours prior to the actual exam date.  However, last-minute student registrations can also be performed by the proctor or student, by clicking on the “register student” button located on the student login screen.  NCHSE also recommends that students review the National Health Science Standards prior to taking the exams.

Is it possible to administer the assessment over a series of days rather than one class session?

It is important to ensure that the assessment experience is consistent for all students throughout the country. Therefore, the assessment must be initiated and completed during one class session.

The assessment can be scheduled over a series of days allowing different cohorts of students to sit for the exam.

Are students allowed to use a calculator during the exams?

A calculator is built into the exam platform.  Students do not need to bring any supplies with them.

How often are the Certificate assessments reviewed?

They are reviewed annually.

What is the policy on “retakes”?

Students are allowed to retake the post-test as needed and will be charged at the same fee as the initial assessment. The policy for assessment retakes is determined by each state and not by NCHSE.

What is the NHSA Certificate pass score?

The pass score for the National Health Science Assessment is currently 70 percent. However, the life-cycle for each assessment differs depending upon several factors including number of assessment forms, test volumes, exposure, and item rotations. For these and other reasons, passing scores are subject to change without notice.

How do I access my program’s assessment data reports?

NCHSE will provide only national assessment data to member states. State and local program data will be accessed through each state’s health assessment lead director.

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