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Grow Successful Health Science Programs

We equip health science leaders and educators with the tools and resources you need to build, enhance, and grow successful, high quality health science programs. When you become a member of NCHSE, you join a community of educators who share a vision of more well-prepared health science professionals.

Membership Categories

Whether you are an educator, school admin, or a district or state leader, you can benefit from the consortium.

Health Science State Leaders

Join a community of state education agency leaders making an impact in their  states and leaving their marks on health science education. Network with your peers and work together to create consistency nationwide.

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounts to school districts and teachers in your state on NCHSE resources and certificates
  • Networking opportunities with health science leaders from across the nation
  • Influencer on National Health Science Standards revisions
  • Specialized NCHSE certificate program data for your state
  • Access to Publishers/Educational Resources Group and position of influence to shape classroom resources
  • Involvement in beta-test opportunities with NCHSE projects
  • Links to health professions organizations and agencies, government and educational agencies, resources for classroom teachers
  • Professional development opportunities provided by NCHSE in your state
  • Webinars and newsletters highlighting current trends and the work of NCHSE
  • Invitations to provide webinars and/or contribute blogs and articles

HSEA Mission

Support classroom teachers with resources and professional development and provide an avenue for teachers from across the nation and beyond to freely network and share best practices, resources and concerns.

Welcome Five State Affiliates!

HSEA Officer Team (2020-2021)

Katrina Haynes (SC) – President

Toni McLemore (OK) – President-Elect

Amanda Bolin (SC) – Secretary/Treasurer

Sharon Foran (CT) – Marketing/Publicity Chair

Karen Edwards (SC) – Membership Director

Susie McEachern-Lauer (OK) – Professional Development Chair

Contact officers:

Health Science Educators Association (HSEA)

Join and build your professional learning network through this collaboration sponsored by NCHSE!

Annual membership fee of $45/educator

Members will be supported and have access to:

  • A community of classroom teachers and health science state leaders;
  • Strategies to reinforce integration of the National Health Science Standards;
  • Professional development and NCHSE pilot project opportunities;
  • Exclusive classroom resources through a Google Drive with folders arranged by topics and filled with lesson plans, PPTs, activities, projects, and assessments to support health science classroom instruction; and
  • NCHSE online store resources discounts

This membership may be especially be helpful to teachers who are interested in NCHSE  discounted resources, but whose state education agency are not state NCHSE members.

If teachers in your state have an interest in joining as a state affiliate, group membership discounts are available:

25-50 members:     $40/each
51-100 members:   $35/each
101-200 members: $30/each
201+members:       $25/each                                                                                 

For more info, contact

Secondary & Postsecondary Educational Institutions

Your entire institution can benefit from membership with the consortium! As the go-to source for quality health science educational resources and standards, we will help you build, enhance, and grow your health science program.

As a state leader in Health Science Education, I value the friendships and support received from my fellow NCHSE members. NCHSE is leading the way in Health Science Education and I am thrilled to be part of that movement!

Peggy Williford RN MSN, Health Science Program Consultant, Kentucky Department of Education

You’ll Be In Good Company

Some of our current members include:

Membership Investment

Membership will be in effect with the submission of an application and payment of annual dues. Dues are remitted at the time of application and then annually thereafter.

Health Science Educators Association
/ Member
/ Year
Without travel benefits
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