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Board of Directors

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The NCHSE Board of Directors includes representation from health professions, hospitals and other healthcare employers, education, professional associations and state education agencies. The diverse perspectives of the NCHSE Board of Directors in a turf-neutral environment under a non-profit umbrella, opens the doors to innovation and quality results-oriented programs and products.

The Board of Directors’ members’ responsibilities are to bring suggestions and issues from the membership group they represent to the Board for consideration or action, assist with setting priorities for NCHSE pursuits, and implementation of the strategic plan.

Meet Our Board

Dana Stringer

Alabama Department of Education

Teresa Novakovich

Alaska Primary Care Association, South Central Area Health Education Center

Andrea Gelvin

Alaska Primary Care Association, South Central Area Health Education Center

Cindy Beck

California Department of Education

Jordan Whittington

Colorado Community College System

Suzanne Vita Loud

Connecticut Department of Education

Katrina Haynes

Cyber Academy of South Carolina - CASC High School
Health Science Educators Association

Peg Enslen

Delaware Department of Education

Nicholas Wells

DEPCO Enterprises, LLC
Publishers and Educational Resources

Sandra Martin

Georgia Department of Education

Erica Davis

Hawaii Pacific Basin Area Health Education Center

Stephanie Mai

Idaho Career & Technical Education

Shaista Saiyed

Illinois State Board of Education 

Jane Bradley

Iowa Department of Education 

Wendy Coates

Kansas State Department of Education

Peggy Williford

Kentucky Department of Education

Celena Mills

Michigan Department of Education

Shelli Sowles

Minnesota Department of Education

Carolyn Holloway

Mississippi Department of Education

Shelly C. Wehmeyer

Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Renee Erlansen

Montana Office of Public Instruction 


Nebraska Department of Education

Randi Hunewill

Nevada Department of Education

Ashley Lamm Orr

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Matthew Wells

Ohio Department of Education 

Lara Morris

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Education

Art Witkowski

Oregon Department of Education

Denise DuBois

Product Manager, RealityWorks

Kathy Cilia

Professional Associations

Angel Clark

South Carolina Department of Education

Maren Hansen

Utah Department of Education

Marianna L. Goheen

Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ashely Torres

West Virginia Department of Education

Christina Patrin

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
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