Who is NCHSE?

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NCHSE collaboratively defines and advances the framework of health science education.

The mission of NCHSE is to provide leadership and professional development for Health Science Education through collaboration among education, healthcare industry, policy makers and professional organizations.


  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Career Development
  • Health Science Framework
  • Standards for Quality
  • Education for Future Healthcare Professionals
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Enhanced National Health Science Standards Unveiled in May 2015
The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) often heard from classroom teachers that the National Healthcare Foundation Standards were generic and vague.  The standards and accountability criteria were written in such a way that left room for guessing what should be taught to meet each standard.  Teachers spoke out and we listened!

Through a recent collaborative meeting with Precision Exams, provider of the National Health Science Assessment, members of NCHSE Executive Committee worked to enhance and clarify the standards and  accountability criteria without changing the intent of the standards. The term "accountability criteria" has been removed. This content will now be referred to as objectives providing more detail under each standard. 
The guiding principle of this work: if these standards were reviewed by to a classroom teacher or a health science student would they know what to teach or what they were expected to learn? Attention was given to keep the outline and numbering intact to reduce impacts on state curriculums aligned to the national standards. The National Health Science Assessment for 2016 will reflect the enhanced standards in new test items. 
Finally the standards have been renamed to reflect what they truly are the National Health Science Standards. Please share with all stakeholders who have a vested interest in preparing the health workforce of the future. Certainly advisory committees and human resource professionals should see the standards and understand the excellent preparation work that is occurring in secondary health science education programs across the nation. We hope you find these enhanced standards useful and they will provide more meaning for teachers and accountability for students. May 20, 2015

New NCHSE Fact Sheet Released in April 2015
NCHSE is pleased to announce the latest edition of the NCHSE Fact Sheet.  After several months of revisions and edits, we are delighted to share with you here

We hope you find the fresh new fact sheet informative and helpful to you in learning more about NCHSE. When there are opportunities to share more about our organization with state education agencies, health-related partners, postsecondary and secondary educators. policy makers, publishers and others interested in strengthening and supporting work within the health science career cluster/program of study, feel free to use the NCHSE Fact Sheet.

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2015 National Leadership Conference of HOSA-Future Health Professionals

The 2015 National Leadership Conference of HOSA–Future Health Professionals is an opportunity for the National Consortium for Health Science Education to experience the energy and enthusiasm of
over 8,000 HOSA members and advisors.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2014 Conference Results

The 2014 Health Science Curriculum Conference Provides Strategies for Success!
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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

NCHSE New Years Promo

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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